MEET Kris Keding



I started my bodybuilding journey back in 2014 after I came home from basic training. I found in my time away that I really enjoyed the physical training aspects of the military and wanted to pursue that when I got home. After 1 year of training under my belt I decided to do my first show. Which was the Gopher State Classic in 2015. I prepped myself and I was nothing more than a skinny kid with abs but I found a passion for being in the gym and progressing my strength and physique.


I’m now a personal trainer and nutrition coach and have worked with everyone from the high school athlete to the 80 year old who just wants to move better and get the most out life. I have a passion for helping people get to their goals as well as pursuing continued education so I can further help and dive deeper to be a better coach. 

If you’re looking for guidance in your program design or nutrition plan that’s around your specific goals, structure, or limitations please reach out and we’ll get a plan that best fits you and what you’re trying to accomplish.