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Prep Chronicles: 10 weeks out, Pro Debut show

Prep Chronicles: 10 weeks out, Pro Debut show

Written by Stephanie Santamaria, IFBB Pro

Ten weeks… may not sound like a long time… 70 days, 16 hours, 48 minutes…but who’s counting right? ME! The hungry one with the achy hip; I’m counting!

Since earning my IFBB pro status several people have enquired; “What does it feel like to be a pro now?” Answer: It’s a lot of freakin’ pressure! (mostly self-induced, I know). After the relief of FINALLY crushing that pro goal, after the excitement, you wake up the next day and suddenly you’ve set a new standard to uphold.

1. No more chunky off-season! Those pro girls you idolize ALWAYS look stunning! Crop tops. Short shorts. The hair the makeup… oh boy.

2. Gotta pick your pro debut show, make a plan and timeline.

3. No days off! You must get bigger, leaner and stronger than you’ve ever been.

4. AND YOU MUST DO IT ALL WITH A SMILE ON YOUR FACE 24/7/365! Because all these beautiful IFBB pro women are loving every minute of life. They never seem tired or crabby.

You’re a pro now, it’s all easy right? Tough part is over, right?... right? (sigh).

I wish!...

Simple truth; this prep feels harder than others already.

Starting as a leaner (older) me means I’m wore down and tired earlier than previous preps. And since I was more serious than ever in the short ‘off season’ I had, I don’t know that I ever felt like I was off show prep. I never stopped cardio. I never stopped counting my carbs. I never took a break from anything!

So what’s it feel like to be IFBB pro?.... it’s a lot of work!

Is it all worth it?.... ABSOLUTELY!!!

No matter how tired I am. I wouldn’t give it all up. I am blessed to compete at the IFBB level now. I am honored to stand among my idols on stage. All the sweat, tears, hunger, and hard work will seem petty when I put my suit and heels on and step on that stage come March. It will all seem a distant memory because I will have crushed another goal of mine. And to make it even better, my loved ones will be in the audience cheering me on.

And every day I tell myself;

You can do this! I believe in you! Nothing can stop you!

-Stephanie Santamaria, IFBB Pro

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