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MEET Sam Breed


HI! I’m Coach Sam!


I began my fitness journey in 2017. I struggled with weight loss for years, and that's when I decided I needed to make a change for myself. I eventually lost 100lb on my own after I decided to make nutrition and fitness a priority. As time went by, I found myself wanting more. I had some interest in bodybuilding, but I didn't know where to start, that's when I hired Chris. Through the proper coaching and plan I ended up changing my life completely! I got shredded for my first figure contest! I ended up winning my first Overall Title this year, something I never imagined! My goal is to continually learn more, knowledge is power and my goal is to never stop learning, so that I can help change others’ lives, the way I did. I also manage a gym full time, and have three children, a few things I am very passionate about.


I have learned over the last few years my path is to change lives, whether your goal is to lose 30lb, get ready for your wedding or vacation, or to simply feel good in YOUR skin, I am here to help. Don't wait! Let's get started! 

Email me to start the conversation, I can't wait to help you crush your goals:

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