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The Crushing Limits difference 

I have known Chris for a long time.  We worked at LA Fitness together when I was just starting to work out about 10 years ago.  We had stayed in contact through Facebook and I always saw him working hard and improving himself year by year.  I always said he did an amazing job but there was no way I could do that.  I hit a low point in my life a few years back, I wasn't eating well, I was drinking a lot, and I was still working out but doing the bare minimum.  One day I decided I was ready for a change.  I reached out to Chris to see if he would maybe be able to help me.  He responded right away with "ABSOLUTELY".  The rest is history, I have never looked back and am grateful for all of the things he's taught me.  Under his guidance, I went on to do my first competition and did my second a year later.  I placed well in both of them and it was an amazing experience.  And even better, I had my life back!  I am not competing right now but still use the principles Chris taught me and I will continue to do so.  Through his friendship, training, coaching, and guidance I have gone from 185lbs at 15% body fat to 210lbs at 8% body fat.  It has changed so many things about my life.  I am more confident, energetic, and outgoing than I have ever been before.  Thanks for changing my life coach!!!

-Nick Hjelle 

Prior to meeting Chris I was with a coach that provided great results but had poor communication and it almost felt like I was an inconvenience. I first reached out to Chris to talk about my goals and disappointment in my prior coach. Chris’s response put me at ease reassuring me he would be the person to help reach my goals. Not only does he offer specialized nutrition and workout plans for me. He responds to my questions quickly and makes the necessary changes based on results. This is not a cookie cutter coach. He does not coach for the money. He coaches for the love of the sport. Our team is comprised of bodybuilders, fitness enthusiasts, men & women looking to shed some weight. All share the same goal. We are people who want to better ourselves and have high expectations of ourselves and reflect the same expectations of our coach. Team Crushing Limits is more than a team of people with the same coach, we are a family. When someone is struggling we rally behind them and help them. When some is competing we are there to cheer them on. When someone joins the team we treat them as if they are long lost friends. My physical changes, and knowledge have grown beyond anything I had imagined or expected from joining. I have stayed with the team even after reaching my initial goal of competing in my first Classic Physique bodybuilding competition because my goals continue to evolve and I trust no one more than Chris by my side helping me achieve my dreams.

-Kyle Ames

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