Chris Hanson

I first met Chris about seven or eight years ago, we both worked for a supplement company and quickly developed a friendship. He was the first person that I ever lifted with that I would’ve considered to be a bodybuilder, so naturally I was immediately drawn to him and impressed with his physique. He planted the idea of me doing a bodybuilding show early on in our friendship, and I agreed, although now I can admit I wasn’t fully into it back then, but I respected Chris’s opinion and encouragement too much to say no. Unfortunately, due to factors outside of my control, I was unable to complete prep for that show. Honestly, that was the best thing that could’ve happened to me because I was at a point my life where I was nowhere ready to make that commitment to be able to put in my all. I went on for quite a few more years living in unhealthy lifestyle, still trained in the gym 5 to 6 days a week but was drinking fairly regularly, and not using the correct foods to eat. Chris and I lost touch for a number of years as well, until I finally decided I was done wasting my life being hung over and feeling awful from the food I was eating. One morning I woke up and decided I was finally ready to commit and compete in a show. Even though I hadn’t talk to Chris in a number of years, I knew that there was nobody else that I would trust to coach me through the process than Chris. And he told me “I have wondered when you’d finally reach out!” Which speaks volumes about his passion to want to help people achieve their goals, but shows that he is never forceful and never pressures anyone to do anything they don’t want to. He waits for you to decide you’re ready, and then dives right in. This would prove to be a very wise decision on my part, not only does Chris hold the knowledge and skills necessary to properly prep and individual or a bodybuilding show, but he lives it every single day of his life and loves to see those around him excel and succeed. There’s nothing more motivating to me and to see the coach who is telling you what to do, doing the exact same thing and even more himself, he definitely practices exactly what he preaches and that’s why he expect the best from himself, and his clients, and the results speak for themselves! With his guidance and support, I was able to win the overall championship for bodybuilding in just my second show I’ve ever competed in. I truly believe that the key to my success not only lies within my hard work and dedication, but within every tool and resource, encouraging word, and “trade secret” Chris provided for me. In order to be the best, you have to train with the best and that’s exactly why I belong to Team Crushing Limits!! 

Sam Roberts

About 1.5 years ago I contacted Chris for coaching. I informed him of my short and long term goals. One of my long term goals was to win an Overall as a bodybuilder.
Within 6 months we were prepped and stage ready with my package being leaps ahead of my first show physique, with an added 14 pounds with much better conditioning. And I won the Overall with a huge solid line up for a local NPC show. We are now strong into the off season with lots of growth and a lot more to go! Chris is always quick to respond and is always on point with meet ups and weekly pictures. I Highly recommend him as your coach for all you fitness goals!

Jerod Graff

I started working with Chris in May of 2016. I was 3 weeks out from Junior Nationals and decided i needed a coach my final 3 weeks and bring me in my best condition. Another coach suggested Chris. Chris said he would take me on short notice. We went on to take 4th place in Classic Physique at Junior Nationals. After seeing how quickly Chris figured out my body and our success at Junior Nationals, i hired Chris. I used Chris for two years, achieving an Overall title in Bodybuilding, Class A title in Classic Physique, and a 7th place finish in Bodybuilding at NPC USAs. Chris has elevated my physique to the next level with his knowledge of the sport and passion for seeing his clients succeed. He continues to learn more about the sport to keep him competive with other coaches. Chris has established himself as a top notch coach and his clients placing just solidifies his coaching ability. Having a coach in your corner is a must for not only competitors but anyone looking to lose some extra pounds. And the coach that could be right for you is Chris Santamaria and his team Crushing Limits.