Chris Chilton

I have worked with Chris for a few years now. When we began our insanely bumpy journey I was ready to start prep for a show! I came to Chris with a pretty bad taste about “online coaching” from previous experience. Quickly he showed me that this was no “cookie cutter” programming I would be receiving. As we approached my show I was training for, sadly my mental illness began to affect me greatly, so I had to pull out. Chris, being more than understanding and simply wanting the best for my mental health, urged me to take a day or two to consider not backing down but made sure I knew he supported whatever I needed to be healthy. Now my goals have changed and competing is not a desire of mine but I’m constantly in the public eye and in front of a camera almost weekly, whether it be films or photoshoots. He keeps me healthy mentally and physically and looking the way that I want! He never fails to make constant adjustments if needed and weekly check-ins on me if not 2 to three times a week. The team atmosphere and group chats with all the teammates and team get togethers to keep me motivated and fueled! Even though I have no specific goal ahead I continue to train with Chris simply because it gives me structure and guidance!

Sam Roberts

About 1.5 years ago I contacted Chris for coaching. I informed him of my short and long term goals. One of my long term goals was to win an Overall as a bodybuilder.
Within 6 months we were prepped and stage ready with my package being leaps ahead of my first show physique, with an added 14 pounds with much better conditioning. And I won the Overall with a huge solid line up for a local NPC show. We are now strong into the off season with lots of growth and a lot more to go! Chris is always quick to respond and is always on point with meet ups and weekly pictures. I Highly recommend him as your coach for all you fitness goals!

Alyssa K.

At the beginning of my journey this year I wasn't in a good place. Physically my body was at its ends fighting against itself and continuing down the path I was on, wasn't going to end well. Chris came along and I trusted him with everything and slowly we began to see my body and mind change! With his experience with Digestive issues he knew all the moves we needed to make to work with my body, and find a regimen that worked for ME. No cookie cutter plans! I started to become the better version of myself and I was hooked. His and Steph's excitement for the potential they saw in me helped me keep pushing even when times got tough. Just keep your head down and grind day in and out! He believed in me at times even when I didn't always believe in myself. He would always tell me "coach knows" and dang was he right! Never has he led me wrong! He's so knowledgeable about health and fitness, always thinking 2 steps ahead and, and was there when you need him at any minute. During my preps with him this 2020 season I could trust in him 110%, so I never stressed which was HUGE for me. His passion for this sport and his clients shines through because you never feel like just another client. It's like a family. The support is unreal! Becoming a part of Team Crushing Limits was the BEST thing I ever did. When you have a coach who helps you unlock your true potential anything is possible!

Jerod Graff

I started working with Chris in May of 2016. I was 3 weeks out from Junior Nationals and decided i needed a coach my final 3 weeks and bring me in my best condition. Another coach suggested Chris. Chris said he would take me on short notice. We went on to take 4th place in Classic Physique at Junior Nationals. After seeing how quickly Chris figured out my body and our success at Junior Nationals, i hired Chris. I used Chris for two years, achieving an Overall title in Bodybuilding, Class A title in Classic Physique, and a 7th place finish in Bodybuilding at NPC USAs. Chris has elevated my physique to the next level with his knowledge of the sport and passion for seeing his clients succeed. He continues to learn more about the sport to keep him competive with other coaches. Chris has established himself as a top notch coach and his clients placing just solidifies his coaching ability. Having a coach in your corner is a must for not only competitors but anyone looking to lose some extra pounds. And the coach that could be right for you is Chris Santamaria and his team Crushing Limits.