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MEET Chris Santamaria

Owner & Coach

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I started my business Crushinglimits over 15 years ago. I had struggled with IBS for many years and was able to learn how to cope with it, so I wanted to help people learn to overcome their own limits in fitness. In 2013, I was diagnosed with Ulcerative colitis, something I wouldn’t wish upon anyone! Colitis is basically a condition where your intestines get so inflamed that ulcers start to form and from there you can barely absorb any nutrients from the food you eat, and you’re in the bathroom nonstop. In 2 weeks time, I lost 50lb! I had hit rock-bottom for the first time in my life. As I laid there in the hospital bed, I just decided; this is not how I’m going out. I decided right then I would beat this against all odds.


After months of not being able to eat properly or lift at all I stepped foot in the gym. My first day back I could NOT squat just the bar, yes you read that right; for 5 reps! It was pretty humiliating to say the least. Little by little I chipped away, meal by meal, rep by rep, until one year later I had put on all 50lb I had lost and I went on to win the Overall Bodybuilding title at the Iron games in California. I beat all the odds. 


Now, fast forward to New Year’s Eve 2019. I had my entire colon removed. They tried every medication that was available, and nothing worked so it was the only option left. I had to have an ileostomy bag for months, then March 5th, 2020, I had the “takedown” surgery to remove the bag and reconnect everything. This time, I lost nearly 40lb and I wasn’t able to train for 3 months. There is nothing that I can state to help anyone understand the anguish I had to go through to get to where I am today, but I can tell you it has solidified my purpose in life: which is to help others. I have put on all the muscle that I lost during the 3 months off and I am currently the best I have ever been, mentally and physically.


One of my most important attributes is I believe in all my clients. I love changing people’s lives and if I can help someone believe in themselves, they will unlock the doors of doubt and discover unlimited potential. This is what Crushinglimits is all about. Nothing can stop you.

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